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Silpita’s interest in handlooms and Indian textiles was nurtured right from her early days ,spent in Kolkata, as she observed family members wearing traditional Indian wear in Handwoven and Handcrafted fabrics.

After completing her double Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Management, she spent a long professional career in the Indian Financial sector, including Investments, during which she won many accolades and awards. Her last assignment was as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) with one of India’s leading Pension Funds.

Her love for the Indian ethnic and her innate sense of style made it a natural choice to follow her passion of promoting the rich heritage of Indian Artisanal products like Sarees, Textiles, Jewelry and other artefacts.

Thus, Silk Petalss was born, an E -commerce company showcasing the beautiful traditional weaves and products from artisans living in the interior villages and towns of India.

Silpita enjoys interacting with the weaving community and understanding their perspectives. She is keenly interested in the styles of the modern Indian woman while being rooted to the traditions of the past.

She is an avid traveller, reader and a foodie who loves to learn about new cuisines.
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About Silk Petalss


About Silk Petalss

Silk Petalss was born from a career Investment Professional’s love for the rich heritage of Indian handcrafted textiles and artefacts. Her admiration for the beautiful heritage weaves and products saw her travelling widely through interior villages and towns of India, interacting with the weaving community and understanding their perspective and concerns.
Awareness about their issues, specifically post Covid19, the need to protect the community and our rich heritage led to Silk Petalss being created.

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Most of our products are handcrafted and the weavers have been chosen with care in order to ensure the best quality of handwork is brought to our customers. In fact , some of our empaneled weavers have won awards at the highest national level and have been associated with this work for generations.

Our products and weaves are authentic, artisanal and sourced sustainably , curated by Karigars from different parts of India like West Bengal, Varanasi, Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. 

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Hope you join us in our journey and enjoy exploring the Indian heritage products.

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